How To Avoid Bloat

How To Avoid Bloat

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It is not easy to survive Christmas without gaining weight or without having any other problems with digestion. Fortunately, it definitely is not impossible! All you have to do, in order to be super fit this Christmas, is follow this advice!

Avoid foods that contain too much fat. Like for example egg nog. And, also avoid foods that are high in salt.

Eat lots of these potassium, protein, probiotics. Because in order to beat the bloat, you need to focus on eating foods that can help you beat it and not only stop eating foods that are doing you harm.

Eat a lot of fibre. But, you have to start slowly, otherwise it can have an opposite effect on your digestion.

We know that it would be insane to tell you that you cannot eat everything you want during Christmas, however, if you keep your portions small, it will be much better for your digestion.

Do not eat too quickly, enjoy your food. Enjoy every bite of it!

Avoid drinking bubbly alcohol.

Drink lots of water. You need to stay hydrated in order to avoid bloat.

Well, good luck! Once you follow this advice, you will have no problem at all, that is guaranteed!

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