Do Not Add These Foods To Your Smoothie

Do Not Add These Foods To Your Smoothie

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Today, you can make a smoothie out of everything. However, should you really make a smoothie out of everything? Well, here is a list of ingredients that can ruin your smoothie! So, do not use them!

  1. Mustard greens. When they are not cooked, they are too spicy. And nothing can beat that taste.
  2. Raw beets. They have terrible texture when they are blended. And you do not probably want your smoothie to have the texture of oatmeal, right?
  3. Raw ginger. Never toss the whole ginger into your blender. You have to mince it beforehand in order to get the right texture and flavour.
  4. Celery. It completely ruins the taste and the texture of the smoothie.
  5. Always chop your dates and put them into hot water for 15 minutes before putting them into blender.
  6. Ice. Do not add ice to your blender when making a smoothie. It can damage your blender and the taste of the smoothie.

You will probably make lots of mistakes before making a smoothie that tastes delicious. But do not worry, just start wiht simple smoothies and then experiment.

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