Take A-Way China Team


Abhay Garg

“I’m deeply driven by Acumen’s investing principles – Social Impact, Innovation, Scalability & Financial Sustainability. I strongly support market solutions and dignity, not dependence.”

Catherine Casey Nanda

“What appeals to me most about Acumen’s experiment is that it is working!”

Carla Culos

“Our model has changed the way we see ourselves as part of the solution; as customers, as investors and as partners. Learning more together than we could have imagined.”

Hammad Umer

“Acumen tackles the real problem of poverty, which is less about not having enough money and more about not having a choice.”

Farrukh H Khan

“The environment, my colleagues, and the discourse at Acumen has reinvigorated me internally and intellectually, motivating me to do the hard work everyday.”

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